The Wednesday Club

How We Are Funded

Attending a meeting of The Wednesday Club is completely free of charge. We do this to try to make sure we reach as many people as possible. We do not want there to be any barriers to attending a Club meeting.

The funds required to run the Club come from donations from the community. We accept all donations no matter how small.

We receive a very generous contribution from the Brussels British Community Association (BBCA), plus voluntary donations from members and their families. Our regular tombola, held at each Club meeting, also provides funds to help cover our costs.

If you, or any organisation you may know or be a member of, would like to assist us in our funding, please make the donation to the bank account listed below.

If you represent an organisation that would like to consider making a substantial donation to the Club, please email us at
and we will be glad to meet you to discuss our needs and our plans for the Club.

Bank account information:
The Wednesday Club
ING Bank
IBAN: BE21 3631 4468 1503

The Wednesday Club
Meetings held at:
The Community Foyer, All Saint's Center
Chaussée de Charleroi 2
1420 Brain-l'Alleud, Belgium