The Wednesday Club

Questions & Answers

I don’t have my own transport. Can you help with this?

We have a team of volunteer drivers, so just let us know your needs.

How much does it cost to join the Club or to attend one of the meetings?

There is no charge to join the Club or attend a meeting. The Club is completely staffed by volunteers and funded by money raised within the community.

I see the meetings are in an Episcopalian church. Does that mean I have to follow that religion?

No. Members can be followers of any religion or none. The Club and its programme are not faith-based.

Do I have to come to the Club regularly?

How often you come is completely up to you. If we run a particular programme that requires regular attendance we will let you know.

My elderly relative lives abroad but often comes to the Brussels area to visit us. Would she/he be able to come to the Club?

Yes. There is no requirement for members to be resident in Belgium.

I do not speak English very well. Does this matter?

Not at all. As long as you feel comfortable, that’s all that matters. We can guarantee your fluency will improve if you come often and practise your English with new companions!

I use a wheelchair/Zimmer frame. Will I be able to come to the Club?

Yes. The Community Foyer is on the ground floor, is fully accessible and has toilet facilities.

Do you need any help with the Club?

Yes. Please contact Ron Aston on 0475 91 02 22 or email

You can get our volunteer sheet which lists the various possibilities from


The Wednesday Club
Meetings held at:
The Community Foyer, All Saint's Center
Chaussée de Charleroi 2
1420 Brain-l'Alleud, Belgium